Monday, June 1, 2015

Hello!  I am Sue McTigue, music educator and now "retired" after 31 years of teaching. I am also a notebook software trainer, private piano, guitar and voice teacher and composer of children's choral music.  My blog and Teachers Pay Teachers store  is named after my recently published piece, "Teach Me With a Song".  Please enjoy the premiere performance!

Douglas County School District Honor Choir Performance of "Teach Me With a Song"April, 2015

The Story...
Students with special needs have always participated in my music classes and have taught me much about the power of music in the human experience.  This piece was inspired by one of these students.
Jake, a student with autism, loved to sing and learned almost everything through song.  Lyrics, with rhythm and melody were something he used to help himself learn.  One day as I was walking through the special education wing in our school, I stopped to listen to a conversation between Jake and a teacher who was attempting to keep his interest in learning letter sounds.  He was not attentive at all, distracted by everything around him.  Jake rarely spoke, so my heart soared when he finally exclaimed, “Too hard!  Teach me with a song!”  Jake was passionately telling this teacher how he learned best, through song.  We helped him with these concepts, through simple melodic jingles, and it worked!
 Jake’s words inspired the poetry, followed by the song.  I hope your students enjoy singing “Teach Me With a Song” while pondering the great influence of music in their lives.

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